Intentionally, transform your life and body from the inside out.

Why: November 2012- The creator, owner, and lead coach Elise was in a car accident. Elise was hit by a mack truck that ran a red light, totaled her car, and left her with 3 bulging disks and a herniated disk before the age of 25. Long story short, the doctors only solution was to take pills [muscle relaxers] to mask the pain, surgery to replace the discs in her back, and burn the nerves in her neck. With the possibility of ending up in a back brace with no end date because of her pre-exiting scoliosis, Elise felt written off  because she wasn't offered any other alternatives. 

Feeling the doctors and lawyers wanted to take the easy not so caring way out, with no other option besides a "possible pay day" with more definite surgeries down the road,  Elise was very unsettled and not accepting their "solution". Despite what she was told, Elise decided to travel a road less traveled maybe harder, but wanted to give her body a chance to stay in one piece. 

Exploring a more natural holistic approach.  4 years of  Physical therapy, electro -therapy and acupuncture, followed by several years of functional and weight training. Elise became stronger and healthier, both mentally and physically. Physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle  saved her life. Since then Elise has been educating herself and continuing pay it forward.​

The approach Elise takes to a stronger, healthier, and pain free life is scientifically researched and proven effective and sustainable.  

How: My Method is a progressive systematic program that will  increase your overall quality of life through Clear Qualitative Goals, Positive Thoughtfulness, Corrective Movements (creating stability and a strong foundation), Strength Training, Intentional goal setting and Proper Nutrition. ​

Goal: All programs are customized and specifically designed to your level, wants and needs.  Whether you are de-conditioned, struggling with weakness, aches, minimal range of motion, can't get rid of the stubborn few or many pounds, beginning your journey, planning to have a baby,  consistency  or simply need guidance. I am here for you!  

Send a message or email, call or text 732-994-3331 for more information or to get started!.

My Passion: Changing as many women's lives  for the better, everyday though  movement,  nutrition, intentionally living, and Self Love.  

Philosophy: Without struggle there can be no change! - Fredrick Douglass