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My Greatest Reward: Empowering my  clients  to live their trustiest lives, trusting the process, immersing themselves into their goals and finding their strength through the journey. 


My Passion: Changing as many women's lives  for the better, everyday though  movement,  nutrition, intentionally living, and Self Love. 


Philosophy: Without struggle there can be no change! - Fredrick Douglass 
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Personal / Virtual Training 

  • Custom tailored Movement Program & Nutrition Coaching

  • Sessions are 45 mins

  • Movement Screening 

  • Homework for days you are not with me. App access

  • Progress Pictures and Body Comp Measurements 

  • Hands on guidance to make sure you are performing the right movements & activating the right muscle groups.

  • Accountability and Support partner. WE are in this together the entire way. *Consistency are key to achieving your goal.

  • Text Support 

**Working out with a trainer takes the guess work away, and gets you the results you want ! 

InLightIn'ed App

  • Custom programs specifically for your body type and goals   [from fat loss to muscle gain to fitting back into your favorite jeans :]

  • Movement Screening

  • 3 Full Body workouts + 1 Bonus Isolation Workout every 4 weeks

  • Phone or Video initial  evaluation (lets get on the same page)

  • Nutritional Guidance 

  • Complete Video Breakdown of all movements

  • Motivation, Support and Accountability throughout your entire journey

  • Workouts can be tailored for gym or home, depending on your preference (or both)

  • Weekly check ins

  • Take your program anywhere on app


NOT a diet or meal plan

  • Educate you on how to choose food to get to your personal goal

  • Equip you with Healthy habits that are sustainable & get  you real results

  • Macro-nutrient breakdown

  • Nutrition Plan

  • Body Composition Measurements​

  • Weekly Virtual Follow-ups / check ins

  • Optimizing your lifestyle- More energy, better sleep etc.

  • 24/7 Email Support

  • Access to the mobile app for easy tracking & meal ideas

Why: November 2012- I was  in a car accident. My car was hit by a mack truck that ran a red light.  I was left with 3 bulging disks  and a herniated disk . Long story short the doctors wanted to give me pills [muscle relaxers] to mask my pain, replace the discs in my back, burn the nerves in my neck, and I could possibly end up in a back brace with no end date. I felt written off  because I wasn't offered any other alternatives. The doctors and lawyers wanted to take the easy way out. It was possible that I'd need more surgeries down the road. Despite what I was told. I decided to travel a road less traveled maybe harder, but I wanted to give my body a chance to stay in one piece. So I tried another approach, a more natural holistic approach.  -  4 years of  Physical Therapy and electro -therapy, followed by several years of functional and weight training. I became stronger and healthier, both mentally and physically. I know physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle has saved my life, and I want to pay it forward.

My approach to a stronger, healthier, and pain free life is scientifically researched and proven effective and sustainable.  My Method is a progressive systematic program that will  increase your overall quality of life through Positive Thoughtfulness, Corrective Movements (creating stability and a strong foundation), Strength Training and Proper Nutrition. 

All programs are customized and specifically designed to your level, wants and needs.  Whether you are de-conditioned, struggling with weakness, aches, minimal range of motion, can't get rid of the stubborn few or many pounds, beginning your journey, planning to have a baby,  consistency  or simply need guidance. I am here for you!  Send a message or email , call or text 732-994-3331 for more information or to get started!.


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