Multi Purpose Body Oil

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Multi Purpose Body Oil

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InLightIn your skin with our herbal blended oil and essential oils . Multi purpose superfood filled moisturizing and nourishing benefits.  Perfect to use from head to toe. Loaded with healthy fatty oils,  antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory benefits. Cleanse. Nourish. +Reduce Wrinkles and Blemishes.

Be InLightIn'ed! 

Key Ingredients:

Sunflower Oil - Deeply penitrates skin with moisture for a long period of time, high in vitamin E to protect skin from UV rays, rich in vitamin A,C, and D to help regenerate skin cells and help skin rid its self of acne causing bacteria.

Rosehip Oil- Super nourishing fatty acids to deeply Nourish the Skin, treats Wrinkles + Cellulite, Brightens Skin, Fades scars + Even skin tone, Exfoliates Skin

Safflower Oil- Soothes dry skin, anti inflammatory properties 

Aloe Vera - Soothing. Moisturizing. Tighten Pores .

Fragrance- Custom blended essential oils and premuim quality fragrance

Use: Add to your bath, skin, and beard. Use when ashy and want to add moisture.



BADU- MANGO GRAPEFRUIT Body Oil is perfect for day and night. A blend of citrus, boldness, and a touch of sweetness 

KEMET- LAVENDER & FRANKINCENSE - The perfect blend of love, tranquility and a splash of don't test me. Enjoy the floral and healing notes of lavender paired with the earthy essence of  frankincense to uplift your mood, clear bad energy mentally and physically. 

SWEET SPOT is the perfect lightweight and super nourishing body oil with a lot of confidence. Full of skin benifits from evening out skin tone, to diminishing the apperance of fine lines and wrinkles. Scented with delicious notes of Guava, Pear, and Juicy Red Apples you are a whole healthy glowing snack. 

DREAM Inhale and unwind with delicate VANILLA & LAVENDER scented body oil to calm the body and relax the senses.